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Quick facts

  • There are 18 different ethnic groups spread all over Madagascar, each of them has unique cultural practises
  • The Malagasy people have fascinating spiritual beliefs and customs to discover
  • Most ethnic groups and tribes have their own special festivals in addition to Christian holy days
  • For the less adventurous: attend theatrical presentations of traditional ceremonies or rite of passage (Malagasy wedding, circumcision, exhumation..)

The best of Culture

  • With the permission of a local family, and with our local guides, attend authentic traditional ceremonies
  • Encounter different people of different backgrounds, from different ethnic groups
  • Immerse in lively markets, learn Malagasy wise sayings, listen to local music and dance to irresistible rythms
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The TAMàNA experience

  • Immerse with our local guides in lively towns: taste local yummy street food, visit historic sites, encounter people
  • Hike for several days off the beaten tracks, homestay at people's house...
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  • Several taboos called "fady" should be known and obeyed by everyone, including visitors